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Welcome to Island Pooches, the ultimate guide for dog lovers in Hawaii! Our goal is to build a welcoming community that celebrates the special bond between dogs and their owners. We provide valuable local knowledge, recommendations, and information to ensure a memorable experience for you and your furry companion in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii. Aloha and a warm welcome to Island Pooches!

Discover Dog-Friendly Paradise: Explore the best dog-friendly beaches, parks, and trails across the Hawaiian Islands. From the sandy shores of Waikiki to the lush rainforests of Kauai, we’ll guide you to the most picturesque spots where your furry friend can run, swim, and play.

Tail-Wagging Adventures: Unleash adventure with our curated selection of exciting activities tailored to island pooches. Dive into thrilling water sports, embark on scenic hikes, or embark on dog-friendly boat tours. We’ll help you create unforgettable memories of your island escapades with your four-legged companion.

Community Corner: Connect with fellow dog lovers, share stories, and exchange valuable tips in our vibrant community corner. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting paradise, our community is here to support you, answer your questions, and foster lasting friendships.

Local Know-How: Tap into our insider knowledge of Hawaii’s unique dog culture, local events, and specialized services. From grooming salons to reputable trainers who understand the island lifestyle, we’ll ensure you have access to trusted resources for all your furry friend’s needs.

Featured Island Pooch: Each month, we’ll showcase a special island pooch, sharing their heartwarming stories, charming photos, and celebrating their unique bond with their humans. Get inspired and be a part of our ever-growing family of Island Pooch ambassadors.

Join the Ohana: Become a member of our Island Pooches Ohana and be the first to receive updates, exclusive offers, and insider tips. Together, let’s build a thriving community that cherishes the joy and love that dogs bring into our lives.

E Komo Mai! Embrace the aloha spirit as you embark on this exciting adventure with Island Pooches. Let us be your guide to creating unforgettable memories, discovering hidden gems, and building a community that celebrates the incredible bond between dogs and the enchanting islands of Hawaii.


Dog Walking

We offer walks ranging from 30 minutes to one full hour. Rates vary based on length and frequency. Choose either Occasional Walks or Monthly Plans to fit your schedule.

from $26/walk/dog

Doggie Play-Days

How would your dog like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and really enjoy the beauty of the Island? We offer Play-Day packages that can be tailored to your best friend’s specific tastes, swimming, hiking, dog parks, you name it!

from $50/day/dog

Dog Sitting

Leaving town and can’t take your bestie with you? We can dog sit your little buddy either at your place or ours (restrictions apply).

from $85/day/dog

Dog Owner Reviews

I chose Todd to watch my dog Kylie. Kylie is a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a trained gun dog and has numerous gold ribbons, and is also a service dog. She absolutely loves Todd. She’s extremely intelligent and senses who is good to her and shies away from those who are not.

Todd watched her for over a week while I was traveling. She was healthy, happy, and I think she may have even wished they would’ve stayed way longer so she could stay and play with Todd. I would not hesitate to leave Kylie with Todd, at any time, for any length of time.

Steve P.

PS; I think this is the first or 2nd testimonial I have ever given to anyone for anything.

We have known Todd for over 40 years now. I would not trust anyone else in the world with my own dog, than Todd. I would never leave my dog with a total stranger, professional or no. Even my own family, I would not trust. But Todd is the only person I would consider for this very important privilege. He is responsible and caring…and loves animals. He has had birds (and I mean BIG birds, no easy task to care for) and dogs as companions. You could not do better than to hire Todd.

Todd has known and cared for my dog for almost seven years now, since she was 8 weeks old.
He is awesome. Caring, loving, conscious, and speaks great K-9. I have no concerns at all when she is being cared for by Todd.
I whole heartedly recommend him.

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