Services & Rates

Island Pooches offers both Monthly Plans as well as Occasional Visits to provide you the most flexible choice of services & rates so you customize your pooches’ care. Select the frequency that fits you and your best friend’s busy schedule. We also offer doggie play days and overnight boarding for some of our clientele.

Dog Walking

We offer walks ranging from 30 minutes to one full hour. Rates vary based on length and frequency. Choose either Occasional Walks or Monthly Plans to fit your schedule.

From $26

DoGgIE PLAy-Days

How would your dog like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and really enjoy the beauty of the Island? We offer Play-Day packages that can be tailored to your best friend’s specific tastes, swimming, hiking, dog parks, you name it!

From $50

Dog Sitting

Leaving town and can’t take your bestie with you? We can dog sit your little buddy either at your place or ours (some restrictions apply).

From $85

Pooch Requirements

Must be at least 3 Months old...

Everyone loves puppies and so do we. However, we feel that it is best to leave the puppy raising to the pet parents until your puppy is at least 90 days old. That is a crucial time for you and your newest family member to bond and learn some basic doggie obedience.

All of our pooches must BE Microchipped...

In 2020, the City & County of Honolulu replaced the dog licensing system with rules requiring that all pet dogs 3 months and older and cats 4 months and older must have microchip identification. Unlike a license tag, a microchip cannot be lost. Once implanted, it is permanent. It’s very easy to get your loved one microchipped at the Hawaiian Humane Society for a very nominal fee. Click for more Pet ID Info.

Up-to-date on vaccinations...

It is not only important for your pooches health, but also for the health of others. It is therefore highly recommended that you keep your dog’s vaccinations current. This provides everyone interacting with your best friend the confidence required to provide all the love and affection they deserve.

Looking For A Professional?

Our professional dog walkers take their jobs very seriously. We provide safe, reliable walks for your dog and treat our client’s pets as if they were our very own. We’re registered¬† with the State of Hawaii and fully insured by Pet Sitters Associates. Check our listing here.

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

We’d like to get to know you, so why not reach out by giving us a call or sending an email? We’ll happily set up an appointment to get to know you and your dog better and see if our services are a good fit. Let’s talk story…


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