Hi! We’re happy you’re here. We’re the Rasmussen’s and since this is the very first issue, most everyone reading this already knows that. So, what else should we tell you about us?

This whole Island Pooches thing was Todd’s brilliant concoction derived in the aftermath of Covid-19 when so much of the world was thrust into chaos.

After the pandemic, everyone was forced to re-imagine what their lives would be like after losing a job, closing a business or worse. Many suffered tragic losses and to be honest, we were very lucky. While Jo may have lost her job and exhausted all her unemployment, she still had her health and we decided that maybe she could start an early retirement, which means semi-retirement.

So, in July of 2020, JoJo started walking dogs with a paddling friend of hers (I forgot to mention that Jo is an awesome outrigger canoe paddler and has been paddling since 2014 for Waikiki Yacht Club). Her friend had a dog walking business that she had been running for about 20 years called Dogwalker Etc! and we thought it would be a great way for Jo to stay in shape and still bring in a little something extra to augment her Social Security. Fast-forward to the new year in 2021 when Todd also started walking dogs for this same company (he too needed to get back in shape).

Before this story becomes a full-blown novella, Todd decided that he would start his own dog walking business, and in September of 2021, Island Pooches Dog Walking, LLC. was born. Which brings us to this newsletter; September will soon be here and that marks the second anniversary of Island Pooches, so we’re celebrating with the introduction of a brand-new blog and Newsletter. Since the brand is expanding into new areas (because Jojo was having trouble with her knees and dog walking was getting to be a little too strenuous), she’s been promoted to our Social Media Manager. So congratulate Jo on her promotion to the marketing team. I’m sure she’ll do a great job!

Well that just about sums it all up as far as how Todd and Jo’s life went to the dogs and how the whole concept of Island Pooches came about. We’re so happy to have all of our friends and family along for the ride and after this introductory issue of our newsletter, we plan to be sharing many areas of interest as they pertain to Hawaii and the dog’s life. So, once again, we welcome you all to Island Pooches newsletter.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us!